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Back Zen key features

iZest Back Zen is specifically designed to restore normal lumbar curvature and relieve back pain. With a blend of traditional Chinese medical knowledge such as heating, acupuncture and massage techniques to activate meridian channels.

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2 Low-frequency
Physical Therapy Electrode Slices
Targeted treatment such as cuff muscle or thigh muscle group.
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4 Mindfulness
Relaxing Music
Full body muscle relaxation though ambient soundscapes with a touch of the button
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3 Level heat effect
heating plate
Dispel dampness and dissipate cold, best for chronic pain.
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One device
6 massage mode
Ease tension and increase blood circulation and loose stiff muscle
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“When our patients are not able to either make appointments or are in a more serious state of bad health the back zen is a great tool that we use in conjunction with our therapy.”

ALECHRRISONDESING — Dr Aras – Director of Chiropractors

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CE Certified
Product exceeds health, safety and environmental protection standards.
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Class A Medical Device
Registered with Singapore Health Sciences Authority
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Quality Assurance

Endorsed by Certified Chiropractors in Singapore and US.

The Back Zen has been highly recommended by practicing chiropractors as a medical device to correct the lumbar spine posture, improve the immune system and restore curvature.

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After a long day at work I really look forward to getting home to a massage on the Back Zen. I am not exactly sure how but it pulses the right points and actually really stretches out tired muscles. I like to start at a lower intensity and increase it as my muscle relaxes with each minute. The heat also helps to loosen tensed areas. I’ve been using this for about two weeks and thoroughly enjoy it!
     by Wilson
Bought this few days ago after my friend recommended me. The first time I tried it was like omgosh what is this?! It tickled and kind of pricked underneath of skin. But after bearing with it for a few seconds, it felt so good!! I could feel my muscles being pulled to the sides. I tried different mode settings and I find it really addictive. It’s like when you go for a massage, painful but relaxing at the same time. At the end of the sessions, I feel total relief.. really loving this Back Zen!
     by Cassandra
I bought this for my dad initially, who often complains to us about backache. We tried bringing him for chinese therapeutic massages but we can’t do it too often as that can get pretty costly. After getting izest back zen he’s been feeling alot better. This is probably his favorite gift from me. In fact the whole family has been fighting for time on the machine cause it feels damn good.
     by Alice

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What Causes Back Pain? – 8 Most Common Reasons

Poor posture in these everyday activities often lead to unnecessary stress on the lower back.
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Incorrect sleeping posture with stomach faced down
Ever woken up with a sore back? Sleeping on your stomach without a good pillow supporting your lower abdominal area puts your spine in an awkward position that can also result in long term aching and spinal misalignment.
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Long hours in the office working at your computer
Our bodies were made for motion, not prolonged hours of sitting. Overtime, the stress placed on the lower back causes anatomical changes to the spine. This causes blood flow constriction to vessels and nerves, provoking back pain.
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Foods that causes inflammation
An imbalance in types of food we consume affects our overall health and wellness. Sugary and highly caffeinated beverages are often a contributing factor to inflammation in lower back muscles.
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Lying in bed with a book or newspaper
When engrossed over a book, we are usually propped up against pillows on our beds or lying on our sides. These positions put additional stress on the lower back muscles and a lot of tension on our spine.
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Improper method of lifting heavy objects
Bending over to pick up a hefty item can result in injuries to the neck and lower back when the weight of the object is not properly distributed. Chronic neck and back pains is a common problems for those handling labor intensive work.
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Bad execution of exercise moves
Strenuous workout routines such as weight lifting, bench presses, crunches and exercises alike can attribute to neck, shoulders and back injuries when done excessively, too quickly or incorrectly by using the wrong muscle groups.
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Prolonged stationary position
While focusing on the roads ahead, many of up slip into the "Forward Head Posture". This is especially so for taxi drivers, bus drivers, delivery men and those who's work requires them to spend most of their days in the front seat.
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3 times more prone to back pain
A 53 year study done by Johns Hopkins University found that those with a smoking history are 3 times more likely to develop chronic back pain and lumbar spondylosis (a painful spinal condition from degeneration of intervertebral discs).

“Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide”

- Global Burden of Disease 2010

Here are some conditions that Back Zen may help relieve:

  • Stiff Lower Back
  • Bad Posture / Hunch
  • Pain in Neck, Shoulders & Back
  • Compressed Discs
  • Degenerated Discs
  • Herniated Discs
  • Loss of Height (by 2 inches)
  • Coccydynia (Sore Tailbone)
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Decreased Range of Movement
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Dizziness, Bad Balance
  • Overall Unhappiness & Low Confidence
  • Loss of Energy, Tiredness
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